Friday, May 29, 2015

Workouts are Working (but Workouts are Work)

I climbed the CUE stairs from the third floor to the fifth today without really noticing it -- I was thinking about something else, and only realized when i reached the top that I had done the climb without significant discomfort -- a little deeper respiration, but no huffing and puffing and no discomfort in my legs.

Airport Rd. (now called Terre View) in 32:08 - an apparent PB, according to my admittedly sketchy records (though I'm sure I would have recorded a time that was lower!).  My time on 3/26 was a whole second slower.  While the time was good, and the distress symptoms were not so bad (only spit once), it was really hard emotionally to keep my cadence up as i tired.  I managed 26 (156/min) or so on the way out, but dropped to 24 (144min) on the way back.  I was just too tired.  It's hard to tell just how significant the difference is, but it has seemed to me in the past that a higher cadence brings times down more than any other modification.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Also Ordinary

Another Airport Rd walk. I realized today that these should properly be called "Terre View" walks, because they renamed that stretch of road after they hooked it up to the north and west part of TV.  16:38 out, 17:02 back, total 33:40.  Pushing a little, but not really hard. It makes me wonder about that 38 minute time recently. Was there some mistake?

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Just a "purposeful" walk on a beautiful day -- cadence about 22 (132/min) out to Airport Rd and back.  Times were elongated also by taking a detour through the USDA alley behind the greenhouses to avoid a blockade near the new Clean Tech building.  Feeling a little tired at the end, but aerobic performance was good.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Baby Needs New Shoes

... seven come eleven.

Airport Rd with times 10:10, 5:38, 6:32, 10:33 for a total of 32:53, my fourth-best time.  I was trying pretty hard on the outbound leg, and had a time as good as the best, but my legs were tired coming back, and I couldn't keep the cadence up.

I'm feeling pretty dissatisfied with my street loafers for this walking.  Even though I lost my expensive minimalist running shoes (I think they were $70 on sale, which is not expensive in everyone's book), I have to overcome my emotional resistance and do what is best for my joints and muscles.

Oly with Paces

Olympia Rd walk today -- I didn't want to push it because I had a short night last night, but pushed it anyway, trying to keep the cadence up.  I didn't have to fall off my cadence on the long uphill, but it was tough.  Times 4:41, 5:00, 5:48, 8:31 for a total of 23:59.  While not PB, it's second, by only 6 seconds, to the current best on 4/30/15.

I counted paces: 310, 650, 1050, 1742.  That corresponds to average step rates (per 10 seconds) of 22, 23, 23,  and 27 (!?).  More cadence measurements are clearly needed :-)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Airport Rd. in a Walk

For once, I kept my promise to myself not to wear myself out on a walk -- too many late nights this week.  I walked at a "purposeful" pace and tried to maintain better biomechanics, especially maintaining a stable pelvis by hugging the upper-outer thighs in and firming the core (pulling the pit of the belly in and up).  Times reflected the lack of "hurrying": 17:32 out and 18:30 back for a total of 36:02.  It's amazing to me that the major effort of really hurrying saves less than 10% on time.