Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quick March up Oly

Times 4:33, 5:11, 5:54, 8:31!, for a total of 24:11.  I don't see how I can go much faster without some big change, either race-walking biomechanics or partial jogging.

Updated Oly table:

MondayWednesdayThur 19Thur 26
Stadium & Nevada4:504:384:444:33Down Stadium Way
Global Animal Health Driveway5:145:205:125:11Uphill on Olympia
Observation Dr.6:276:065:515:54
Back to SCUE9:039:028:288:31

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rocking the Oly

I decided to dedicate this week to Olympia Av walks (except for Tuesday Yoga, which turned out to be more of a vinyasan-style workout that previous sessions).  Times so far:

Monday Wednesday Thursday
Stadium & Nevada4:504:384:44Down Stadium Way
Global Animal Health Driveway5:145:205:12Uphill on Olympia
Observation Dr.6:276:065:51
Back to SCUE9:039:028:28

The uphill climb takes me to my aerobic limit and is very tiring. On Monday and Wednesday, I couldn't maintain a high level of effort on the "back" leg, but on Thursday I did better.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Week Behind, Week Ahead

Last week I was 5 for 5 on exercise (zero for 5 on blogging :-S).  Four Airport Road walks, plus a pretty vigorous workout at Yoga.  Erika found an old "Fundamental Sequence" handout that had that old-time-religion ring -- to begin with, twenty standing poses in a row.

Monday's walk was just about 35 minutes -- I didn't make any attempt to go beyond Stage 3 ("Purposeful") walking. On Wednesday and Thursday, I tried Stage 4 ("Hurrying") on the way out, but fell back to Stage 3 or 3.5 on the way back due to fatigue.  My times were very close on both days to 33:45. On Friday I attempted Stage 5 ("Maximum Effort") on the way out, and made excellent time (16:13), only to fall off  even more due to fatigue to 17:44 on the way back, for a total of 33:57.

Today I did Olympia Ave instead.  More aerobic challenge,but shorter in miles and time.  I counted 1620 paces (where Airport Rd. is 1150 paces one way) in 25:29.  The average pace rate today was only 45, where it is usually about 65 for Airport Road.  I guess the hill took more out of me than I realized.

One further innovation:  following a suggestion of Diane Kress, I had a small apple (15 grams of readily-available carbohydrates) just before 1/2 hour of exercise.  It did seem to make my muscles (and me!) a lot more comfortable, and the aftermath less of a wipe-out.