Monday, November 10, 2014

Downtown - Good Time if not Good Times

Downtown to the bank and back - splits of  7:28, 6:41, 7:02, 9:26 for a total of 30:38.  Not quite as fast as 10/24 (7:05, 6:45, 6:55, 9:05 for a total of 29:50).  Most of the difference is in the downhill time and the uphill time -- the flatland times are just about the same.

However, while I enjoy (a little) the competition-against-the-clock process, I am still resentful of the effort and discomfort associated with exercise.  If I could make any progress with a merely-purposeful step (even over a longer period), I would prefer it;  but I believe my health will not improve without working harder than that.  At least I am making some aerobic gains:  I did not have to stop (just slow down a little) on the steep uphill by Engineering.  I am also experiencing quicker recovery after exercise, particularly with a few black grapes before and after to support blood sugar.

Friday, November 7, 2014

YES Five-for-five

... including Yoga on Tuesday and Airport Rd walks Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Both the W and Th walks were about 34 minutes even.  I tried counting steps, and got about 1140 outbound, but each day the inbound count got scrambled (probably a fatigue symptom).  It's mostly a mental exercise, helping me to focus on the fact that I am exercising, need to attend to biomechanics, etc.

Friday's walk was truncated by a call from Sharon about Christmas leave, so the time isn't significant, except that before the call, I made it down to Airport Rd. in 15:48, which might be a personal best.  I was really trying to keep my cadence up, and also attend to low-impact mechanics (with somewhat less success).

However, that time makes my dream of a 30-minute round-trip seem far off, unless I start running <gasp>,

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Airport Rd in a Hurry

Kinda cool out, wore my fleece WSU jacket under my green nylon with plaid liner, got too hot about 20 minutes in...

Time out 16:42, time back 17:17, total 33:59.  About as good as I have ever done, I think (no time to check the records now).

I counted steps (actually, strides = 2 steps) and got 1150 outbound and 5200 total, which is impossible.  Oh, well...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A shorter walk

... down the Engineering hill and back up.  It's the same as the Downtown Walk, but without the flatland part.  Times 8:13 down, 9:41 up -- the former not particularly fast, the latter probably a PB.  Which goes to show that fatigue from the flatland part plays a role in the uphill time on the Downtown walk (got that?).

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monday-therough-Wednesday News

Monday I did the Oly walk, taking it pretty easy (though still a purposeful stride, not a stroll).  Splits were Nevada St 5:08, Observatory Rd 16:48, round trip 26:48.  But at least I was moving.

Tuesday I went to yoga class and learned to bring the tailbone and the obliques (abdominals) into line to improve (e.g.) tree pose.

Wednesday I did the Oly walk again with more focus and effort (though I tried to be a little circumspect, not flat-out).  Splits were 4:54, 9:58 at Global Animal Health, 16:04 at Observatory Rd, and round trip 24:36.  Apparently I really slowed down on the homeward leg on Monday (I was tired), but cleaned up on that leg today.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Four-for-Five, and a Quick March Downtown

In spite of a heavy week at work, I did the Oly walk on Monday and Wednesday, yoga on Tuesday, and a walk to the bank downtown on Friday (payday).  The latter had splits of 7:05 (!), 13:50 (!), 20:45, and 29:50(!) which are probably personal bests (no time to look up right now).

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Not Five-for-Five

So last week I was trying for 5 exercise bouts in 5 days -- not even close.  I did the Oly walk on Monday and Friday, and Yoga on Tuesday, and that's all.  Much better than nothing...

Over the weekend, I made up for it with exertions with a manure shovel, bedding tool, etc. (Nate did all the wheelbarrowing).  Unloading Brent's 1-ton dumper (dumper unloading turning out to be a little more complicated that you would think) was a major effort, as was spreading and then tilling in the garlic patch.  I had a little soreness in the hip-SI area, but it seems to be tapering off.  I hope I don't have one of those four-day dormancies before the injury shows up...

Yesterday I did the Oly walk again -- about 24:30 (I forgot to look right at the end).  Today I intend to attend Yoga.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Going for 5 for 5

It's not my usual practice to announce goals -- too many disappointments have made me skeptical -- but in this case, I am being bold!  I am going for 5 exercises in 5 days this week.  I read in AARP Magazine that you can train your muscles to reduce insulin resistance with 150 minutes of eercise per week, but you have to do it by repeated exercise, not just 150 minutes in a go (like moving chunks of firewood on Saturday).

Today I did the Olympia route in 25:36, which is not at all bad, though it seemed to me that I was not performing very well -- respiratory discomfort and lots of spitting.

A guy I passed up near Global Animal Health made a remark I didn't really catch, but I responded "I'm figured I better use the last of the good ones" (days weather-wise, that is).  It was beautiful -- just a little cool, which supposedly helps the "brown fat" (but Ihaven't researched that at all).

With all that, I'm 1 for 1.  So nu?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Apparent Personal Best

... on the Olympia Ave. route -- 24:19, which is a full minute less than my previous "official" (mentioned in the blog) time.

I have been exercising about twice a week during the ramp up of the Blue Implementation project at work, which is less than ideal but lots lots better than nothing (my pre-2013 level).  This week I had to just "do it" on Friday to make a second outing.

It was pretty much maximum effort, especially on the uphill Oly part, though after crossing the top of the route at the Observatory I admit that "maximum" was somewhat lackluster. I had the full panoply of aerobic stress symptoms, including spitting, panting, and that sick feeling, and also (new symptom) a soreness in my lower back near the spine (psoas?)  However, symptoms eased once past the top.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Airport Rd. Revisited

I decided to take the longer, flatter walk today to Aiport Rd. via Grimes Way.  My times were almost the same as those I recorded in this blog last October:

  • 10:49 at Dairy Rd.
  • 16:50 at Airport Rd.
  • 23:13 at Dairy Rd.
  • 33:26 to finish.
Today's times:

  • 10:45 at Dairy Rd.
  • 16:45 at Airport Rd.
  • 23:10 at Dairy Rd.
  • 33:37 to finish.
I could make the same remark about "a little weak and wobbly" today as then.

Still, I felt pretty good about the extent to which I was able to apply myself.  Not really a "maximum effort", but something resembling a workout.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Oly Oly...

Given a late departure, my only choice was the Olympia Ave. route -- the best exercise on a (time) budget.  5:36 to the beginning of the uphill at the base of Oly Ave, 16:26 to Observatory Drive, 25:50 overall.  Probably within random error compared to the last time of 25:30.

I had some right hip soreness (which I associate with sacroiliac problems, but the SI itself was not sore).  I also felt some twinges down the outside of my right thigh, those went away later in the walk. Overall, the hip was no sorer at the end than the beginning, so I don't consider it to contraindicate exercise at this time.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Dizzy's and Back Again

Today was a walk to Dissmore's for cottage cheese and peanuts -- the B Street route, with a big elevation change both ways (naturally).  I didn't push for a good time, primarily because I have a mild case of shin splints (from the standing desk?  or...?) but still did about 17:30 downhill and about 20:30 uphill.  Notably, the shin splints felt worse on the downhill, and almost disappeared on the uphill, suggesting that they are related to extension and not flexion of the ankle.  Perhaps I tried too hard to push off with the toes on my Olympia walk on Wednesday.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I'm Baaaack...

Though I haven't posted since last year, I was exercising semi-regularly until the summer hit.  The combination of crazy work agenda and crazy home agenda (including Sharon's international conference and a visitor from Africa) seriously interrupted the fitness program.

Now I'm trying to establish some regularity for fall -- no time like the present to start.  I walked the Olympia Rd. route in about 25:30 -- not great, not bad.  I walked uphill without having to stop, which is good. I had continuing soreness in my left big toe and ankle, but by left-side sacroiliac was not troublesome.  At the very end, I had some soreness in my right big toe, which suggests that my feet aren't used to toe push-off in my stride.