Thursday, August 21, 2014

Airport Rd. Revisited

I decided to take the longer, flatter walk today to Aiport Rd. via Grimes Way.  My times were almost the same as those I recorded in this blog last October:

  • 10:49 at Dairy Rd.
  • 16:50 at Airport Rd.
  • 23:13 at Dairy Rd.
  • 33:26 to finish.
Today's times:

  • 10:45 at Dairy Rd.
  • 16:45 at Airport Rd.
  • 23:10 at Dairy Rd.
  • 33:37 to finish.
I could make the same remark about "a little weak and wobbly" today as then.

Still, I felt pretty good about the extent to which I was able to apply myself.  Not really a "maximum effort", but something resembling a workout.

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