Friday, September 26, 2014

Apparent Personal Best

... on the Olympia Ave. route -- 24:19, which is a full minute less than my previous "official" (mentioned in the blog) time.

I have been exercising about twice a week during the ramp up of the Blue Implementation project at work, which is less than ideal but lots lots better than nothing (my pre-2013 level).  This week I had to just "do it" on Friday to make a second outing.

It was pretty much maximum effort, especially on the uphill Oly part, though after crossing the top of the route at the Observatory I admit that "maximum" was somewhat lackluster. I had the full panoply of aerobic stress symptoms, including spitting, panting, and that sick feeling, and also (new symptom) a soreness in my lower back near the spine (psoas?)  However, symptoms eased once past the top.

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