Thursday, May 26, 2016

Time-Delimited Walk up Grimes Way

... notionally the first of a series.

I set my timer for 15 minutes at the door of Math Annex and walked east on College, north on Stadium, then east on Grimes toward Airport Rd.  I got up to the "Stop" sign at Dairy Rd. before the timer went off.  Google says that's 1.0 miles.

My count of paces was 1001 (though there's a delta of maybe 20 paces due to losing count while trying to multi-task counting and arithmetic).  I believe my pace is slightly shorter than the Roman pace of 5280 ft / 1000 paces (where the arithmetic came in -- about 63.36  inches) but I haven't stepped off a measured track.

My cadence (in steps) was about 133/min, or 22 per 10 seconds, which is consistent with my subjective evaluation.  Upping the cadence to 24 (a lot of work, in my experience) would result in less than 500 additional feet in 15 minutes, but would probably do more for my aerobic conditioning and insulin acceptance.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Math Annex to Beasley - Measured

According to Google Maps, 1.4 miles.  I stepped off 1430 paces in 22:03 (1000 paces in 15:33).

Derived measures:  1000 of my paces = 1 mi (close enough)

My "purposeful" cadence": 130 steps per minute (22 in ten seconds).