Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Olympia - Conditioning is working!

After a few days of gymming, I went back to the Olympia Av walk today, forgetting that a detour would be needed due to demolition of (part of?) McAllister Hall.  The walk went well, with less respiratory stress -- I never really considered begging for mercy, and I'm not totally blown after.   In fact, I was able to keep up a "hurrying" pace (about 24 steps per 10 seconds or 144 per minute) throughout -- which I can't usually do because I get too tired toward the end.

Times were 5:50 at Nevada Street (with detour), 5:18 to GAH (with detour), 5:43 to Observatory Rd, and 8:16 home, a total of 25:10.  So though the time was about a minute longer than my best, all of that was in the detour area -- my times for the last two "laps" were the best yet!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Couple Of Shorts

... down to Stadium Way and the highway and back (about 13 minutes), then down to the Stadium Way/highway corner, over to the Cougar Bridge, then back (about 18 minutes).  Pretty good times, but suprisingly tiring effort -- the Stadium Way hill is no slouch!

24 for 25

... for the record, missed Friday 3/13 (!) due to overbusiness at work.  I had to prepare the database for a meeting Peg had at two, so powered through lunch at my desk, planning to make it up after work.  Then at 4:00 we were doing a DB update that went unexpectedly wrong, and it was 7:00 before I was able to get free.  Oh, well...

Airport Rd Proof-of-pudding

I was a little sceptical about my under-16-minute time outbound to Airport Rd, based on a 17-minute time from seemingly little-less effort.  So today I tried again a "maximum-effort" walk out.  15:47!  I tried a little harder to keep it up on the way back, for a return time of 16:58 and a total of 32:46.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Dizzy's and Back Again

... (Dissmore's, that is) with times 14:46 downhill, 17:13 uphill, 31:59 overall.  Other times for the trip as recorded in this blog are 39 minutes or 35 minutes, so I have to feel pretty good about getting in under 32 minutes.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Building a String

22 for 22 (workdays) so far.  SOme of these days are "lighter" than others, but at least 25 minutes of quick-walking or other exercise are included.

I managed to do the outbound leg of the Airport Rd. walk in under 16 minutes for the first time ever (15:57), but the back leg was nearly 18 minutes (frankly, the effort outbound wore me out).  It is interesting that the difference between an all-out effort and merely "purposeful" striding is only 12%.