Monday, October 13, 2014

Going for 5 for 5

It's not my usual practice to announce goals -- too many disappointments have made me skeptical -- but in this case, I am being bold!  I am going for 5 exercises in 5 days this week.  I read in AARP Magazine that you can train your muscles to reduce insulin resistance with 150 minutes of eercise per week, but you have to do it by repeated exercise, not just 150 minutes in a go (like moving chunks of firewood on Saturday).

Today I did the Olympia route in 25:36, which is not at all bad, though it seemed to me that I was not performing very well -- respiratory discomfort and lots of spitting.

A guy I passed up near Global Animal Health made a remark I didn't really catch, but I responded "I'm figured I better use the last of the good ones" (days weather-wise, that is).  It was beautiful -- just a little cool, which supposedly helps the "brown fat" (but Ihaven't researched that at all).

With all that, I'm 1 for 1.  So nu?

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