Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Not Five-for-Five

So last week I was trying for 5 exercise bouts in 5 days -- not even close.  I did the Oly walk on Monday and Friday, and Yoga on Tuesday, and that's all.  Much better than nothing...

Over the weekend, I made up for it with exertions with a manure shovel, bedding tool, etc. (Nate did all the wheelbarrowing).  Unloading Brent's 1-ton dumper (dumper unloading turning out to be a little more complicated that you would think) was a major effort, as was spreading and then tilling in the garlic patch.  I had a little soreness in the hip-SI area, but it seems to be tapering off.  I hope I don't have one of those four-day dormancies before the injury shows up...

Yesterday I did the Oly walk again -- about 24:30 (I forgot to look right at the end).  Today I intend to attend Yoga.

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