Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monday-therough-Wednesday News

Monday I did the Oly walk, taking it pretty easy (though still a purposeful stride, not a stroll).  Splits were Nevada St 5:08, Observatory Rd 16:48, round trip 26:48.  But at least I was moving.

Tuesday I went to yoga class and learned to bring the tailbone and the obliques (abdominals) into line to improve (e.g.) tree pose.

Wednesday I did the Oly walk again with more focus and effort (though I tried to be a little circumspect, not flat-out).  Splits were 4:54, 9:58 at Global Animal Health, 16:04 at Observatory Rd, and round trip 24:36.  Apparently I really slowed down on the homeward leg on Monday (I was tired), but cleaned up on that leg today.

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