Friday, November 7, 2014

YES Five-for-five

... including Yoga on Tuesday and Airport Rd walks Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Both the W and Th walks were about 34 minutes even.  I tried counting steps, and got about 1140 outbound, but each day the inbound count got scrambled (probably a fatigue symptom).  It's mostly a mental exercise, helping me to focus on the fact that I am exercising, need to attend to biomechanics, etc.

Friday's walk was truncated by a call from Sharon about Christmas leave, so the time isn't significant, except that before the call, I made it down to Airport Rd. in 15:48, which might be a personal best.  I was really trying to keep my cadence up, and also attend to low-impact mechanics (with somewhat less success).

However, that time makes my dream of a 30-minute round-trip seem far off, unless I start running <gasp>,

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