Monday, November 10, 2014

Downtown - Good Time if not Good Times

Downtown to the bank and back - splits of  7:28, 6:41, 7:02, 9:26 for a total of 30:38.  Not quite as fast as 10/24 (7:05, 6:45, 6:55, 9:05 for a total of 29:50).  Most of the difference is in the downhill time and the uphill time -- the flatland times are just about the same.

However, while I enjoy (a little) the competition-against-the-clock process, I am still resentful of the effort and discomfort associated with exercise.  If I could make any progress with a merely-purposeful step (even over a longer period), I would prefer it;  but I believe my health will not improve without working harder than that.  At least I am making some aerobic gains:  I did not have to stop (just slow down a little) on the steep uphill by Engineering.  I am also experiencing quicker recovery after exercise, particularly with a few black grapes before and after to support blood sugar.

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