Thursday, May 9, 2013

For the Record...

Monday I walked out to Dairy Rd and back.  The time was about 20:40, which is close to my personal best (20:36).

Tuesday I did not walk, but had a yoga class that was quite strenuous (as yoga goes), including dripping sweat all over my mat.

Wednesday I had a motivation failure -- I just wanted to sit at my desk and work and not go out and sweat and strain.

Thursday (today) it was Dairy Rd. again (10:40 out, 11:00 in, 21:40 overall).  It seems my lower legs are currently the limiting factor.  On the return trip I had to shorten my stride to keep up the step rate (or, i suppose, keep the stride long and slow the step rate), because my calves were complaining.

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