Friday, June 12, 2015

Oly PB, Airport Meh

Wednesday I did the Olympia (steep) walk in 23:30 -- about :25 better than my previous best (though my records are far from complete).  The weather was very warm (85 degrees?), which may have helped me be limber.  I did have to slack my cadence toward the top of the steep upgrade, but I got the pace back up on the flat.

Today's (Friday) walk to Airport Rd and back was not remarkable -- I got into respiratory trouble early, and had to slack my cadence way back before reaching the top of the last uphill east of the seedhouse -- and then had trouble picking it up again on the downhill because I was tired (as in spitting and wobbly).  One factor may be that there was more diesel traffic on Grimes Way than usual -- diesel fumes are not my lungs' friends.

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