Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Roundup 2

Missed work two days this week due to a back injury.  While pulling a garden hose across the foot of the lower garden I felt a crackle across the top of my pelvis.  I continued to work, though I felt a little sore.  After I went in to the house and had dinner, I had trouble getting out of my chair -- very painful.  I went to the bathroom and really had trouble getting off the toilet due to pain.  I got to the bedroom and did my "supported half-dog" pose over the end of the bed for about 30 minutes.  Sharon also applied CBD oil to the sore places (primarily the right SI joint).  After that treatment, I was able to get up and walk normally, though the spot was still very sore.

But on the three days this week I did go to work, I did my walk each day (repeating the protocol from last week).  That makes four work-days-with-walk in a row.  Maybe the Seinfeld Method will help me get into better shape.

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