Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Back after Back Setback

A week ago Friday night I hurt my low back with an ill-advised lift.  At first my back was just somewhat sore, but by Monday morning I knew I shouldn't go in to work, and by Tuesday morning I couldn't get myself out of bed due to back spasms.  Needless to say, exercise walks were O-U-T.

Fortunately, Dr. Kevin Smith, a chiropractor at Moscow Health and Wellness Center, was able to help me.  After two visits with him and a couple of additional days of rest, I am nearly normal (back-wise, that is).

Today I took my first exercise walk since the injury.  The day is beautiful,  partly cloudy and 50 degrees with a light wind.  I didn't try to make time, just walked purposefully along.  At Dairy Road,  I was only 12 minutes out, and considered walking three more minutes outbound -- but then I thought "Well, I don't really know what my back will think of the extra", so I turned around.  Total for the trip was just about 25 minutes.

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