Friday, April 12, 2013

Finishing out the Comeback Week

After two relatively easy Dairy Road days, I decided to try the 30-minute walk out Grimes Way -- 15 minutes out, turn around, 15 minutes back. Very nice weather -- it seemed a little cool at first, but walking at a good pace got me warm.

Google maps tells me I made about 1.8 miles on the round trip, which is a respectable 3.6 miles per hour.  On the return trip, I counted steps -- it came to about 940 (there might have been a skip or slip in the count in there, but nothing drastic), which is just about 5 feet per double-pace.  Since I doubt I can increase that length without adopting racewalking biomechanics, the only other option to cover more ground in the time allotted is to boost the step rate above 120 per minute.  Easier said than done, while protecting the bod.  I need to research walking biomechanics more, to make sure I am using the best technique for my purposes.

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