Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Back in the Saddle

... after nearly six months off, during which a family crisis, bad weather, and bad health interfered with my self-care (not to mention personal factors).

Today I walked from my new work-digs in the Information Technology building to Dairy Road and back.  Due to some first-time issues, I can only approximate the time at 20 minutes.  A new technique:  I used the MetroTimer app on my iPhone to set a cadence.  At first I used 132 bpm, but that proved too fast aerobically, so I dropped to 120, which proved too slow for my legs.  I Goldilocks'ed in at 126.  After 20 minutes at that tempo, I am somewhat weary, more in the legs than aerobically.  I believe my layoff cost me almost all of my conditioning.  I can only hope that the rebound will be quicker and easier than the original build-up.

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