Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rec Center Not So Bad

After a hiatus in exercise nearly as long as the pause in posting to this blog, I got back on track (literally) at the Student Rec Center at WSU today.  They're having a free week for administrative/professional staff (me), and Peg offered to give me a ride out and back, and it was raining quite convincingly, so I decided to try it, despite my misogymny (hmmmph).

Actually, it was pretty pleasant.  The track is shared by runners (outside lanes) and walkers (inside lanes), and the direction of travel is switched every day.  Underfoot is very even, so it is possible to concentrate of mechanics.  The climate control is very comfortable, and there's lots of daylight, even on a cloudy day.

A mitigating factor is that it is summer, which means many fewer people generally and many fewer college-age people in particular.  I seem to remember that the only other time I was at SRC, it seemed to be a sea of pheromones.  In any case, I enjoyed the overbuiltness of it during the slack season.

I must admit to finding all those people sweating and straining against the springs and weights, and running on treadmills, a trifle disconcerting.  I spend much of my life doing things I have to do, and being a spectator to this artificial work/non-work was uncomfortable.  On the other hand, many of the people are athletes, for whom these "workouts" are preparation for intrinsically-rewarding activity -- as playing scales is preparation for music (not that I ever did that regularly!).

So maybe the Rec Center is not so bad (at least, in the slack season) -- but at $30 a month, rain or shine, I'm still somewhat skeptical.

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