Monday, February 25, 2013

Contrary to My Expectations

My lunchtime walk today was on the same course as Friday -- I took the elevator down to the ground floor (seven stories), then walked to Dairy Rd. and back, then back up in the elevator to the office.  The weather was somewhat more polite, with sun in spots, but there was quite a breeze blowing.

Friday's mystery of the time difference between outbound and inbound is solved -- I hadn't really noticed it, but the route out is mostly a gentle uphill, and (contrary to my expectations) NOT uphill going the other way.  Today I had a tailwind going uphill, and a headwind on the way back.  Still doing 120 steps per minute.  Out: 12:11;  In: 12:44.  As time goes on, I'd like to pick up the pace a little and walk about a half-mile further, to the corner of Grimes Way and Airport Road.

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