Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Case of the Clumsy Leg...

Okay time to plunge in to this health blog. :)
My exercise has been limited lately by a healing leg. It feels/felt like a strained ligament or something, and I know it was from The Clumsy Lovers show a few weeks ago, where dancing is a lot of jumping and fast moves and excitement. All in all it was definitely worth it, but when I felt that strange pop in my leg I probably should've given it a rest. Nope, kept dancing on it. Then I felt it again, and kept dancing on it. So yes it was quite sore for a few days.

But then I kept re-injuring it (on accident, mostly by slipping on slick floor or a muddy hill) and so last week when I went to the Rec (short for Student Recreation Center) on Tuesday I knew I needed to take it easy. My leg at that point was finally almost back to normal.

I settled on a stationary bike for about 35 minutes, keeping the resistance fairly low. Then I walked home which is almost exactly a mile from the Rec. My leg started hurting that evening and is still just recovering. So it's been hard to motivate myself to work out. I've done a little bit of calisthenics at home, but need to make time for more of that. Two midterms, one long online quiz, and a handful of assignments have been piling up this week and definitely take priority over exercise, but now I only have one midterm (tomorrow night) and a couple assignments left to work on.

I just looked up the distance to where I and it's almost a mile also. Maybe today I'll bundle up a little extra and walk to work. There's a nice huge hill to walk up to get there, but that means downhill and flat most of the way home! I need to start using less gas anyway. And the sun is out, so it's a majestical winter's day out there.

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