Monday, March 4, 2013

How Time Flies

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and today (Monday) I did my lunchtime walk -- I just didn't blog every day for all the usual lame reasons.  I didn't have my watch on me Wednesday and Thursday, but wall-clock time was about 24:00, which is about the same as earlier walks.  Friday was just over 12:00 outbound and just under 12:00 inbound, very much the same.

Today I made a slight effort to up the pace from 120 steps per minute to 126 spm.  That should make about a 5% difference in my time -- cut about 1 minute off the 24:00 round trip.  My time outbound was 11:44, inbound was 11:15, for a total of just under 23:00.

The point is not really the time.  I need to get more exercise value out of 25 minutes of walking -- that means walking faster.  The alternative, which is just walking longer, would just add time pressure in other areas of my life.  So little by little, as the weather improves and my body permits, I'll be stepping up the pace -- in baby steps, to be sure.

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