Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Down to Dissmore's

Today I decided to combine another errand (a small groceries-for-the-office stop) with my exercise walk.  The nearest true grocery is Dissmore's IGA, about 1.2mi. by road or 1.1 mi. cutting across campus, according to Google.  If I read the topo right, it's about 240 feet down to Dissmore's, and coming back, just about the same distance up.

I did the walk in 17 minutes down and 18 minutes back, the latter including two brief rest stops to keep my heart rate down to 20 (that is 20/10 seconds or 120 per minute).  I feel pretty good about that.

This is my second "heavy day" this week -- I discovered an interesting "walking workout" schedule that suggests different types of walks for different days, and this is my first attempt to adopt some of that thinking.

I also figured out that I need some "products" -- for one, a better pair of walking shoes.  My current lace-ups have a cup heel that's too stiff for walking biomechanics, which involve a heel roll.  Also, I saw a guy in a neon-green nylon shell -- a great idea for visibility.

As the weather gets warmer and the walks turn into workouts, the issue of perspiration and appropriate clothing becomes a little more complex.  I hate to add the overhead of changing clothes, but I may have to.

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