Monday, March 11, 2013

Sweeten the Sweatin'

Today I had an errand to run at the bank downtown.  Normally I "don't have time" to walk downtown from campus, but when I realized that if I drove downtown, I "wouldn't have time" to do my exercise walk, I figured I would combine the errand and the exercise.

Google Maps says the distance is 1.1 miles one-way.  What it doesn't say (but I later confirmed with a topo map) is that the elevation change is about 220 feet.  In the event, I took 19 minutes outbound (downhill), and about 21 minuts inbound (uphill) -- not bad, considering that I needed a breather at the middle and again at the top of the stairs (!) next to the engineering labs.

I admit to being a little exertion-giddy for a few minutes after, and I worked up a little too much sweat to be comfortable.  And I bought myself a very nice cup of Thomas Hammer coffee downtown to sweeten the sweatin'.

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