Friday, March 8, 2013

Slight Slopes...

... can be more challenging than they look.  I never thought about the ups and downs of Grimes Way (formerly called "Farm Way") until I had to huff up 'em and puff down 'em.
The uphill portion, looking east.  The top is about a half mile, and maybe 30 feet of rise (if I read the topo map right).
Still looking east, downhill from the high spot.  The white truck you can barely see in the road is near my turnaround point.
Looking back (west) from my turnaround point.  Just enough upslope renew the challenge after my half-way point.
The long westward downslope home.  My office window is the little white square on the top floor of the slope-roofed building in the center of the picture.

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