Friday, February 22, 2013

OK, Mister, Start Walking

Yesterday the nutritionist I was sent to see advised me that most of the medical threats hanging over me could be mitigated by the simple expedient of walking every day. Though at most times in my life I have found exercise for its own sake a grind, and I hate gyms with a passion (as late-growth boys are likely to do, even after they become men), I figure I could take a lunchtime walk every day without triggering dire psychological trauma.

So today at lunchtime I looked out the window. It was snowing pretty definitely, but the snow wasn't "sticking" -- the sidewalks were wet, not white. Gotta start sometime.  I walked from Smith Center (where my building is) to Dairy Rd (a distance of 0.7 miles, says Google Maps), and back again. I started out at a brisk pace, thinking "this IS for exercise, after all", but before I got to Dairy Rd, I was clearly running short of oxygenation, so I slowed down to a moderate but purposeful pace (120 steps per minute, definitely not a stroll). Time from the parking lot to Dairy Rd: 13:00 even.

I kept the pace slower coming back. Time from Dairy Rd to the parking lot: 11:55. [Don't ask me!]

So that's one day.

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