Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again

I did the Airport Rd. walk in 34:17 on a somewhat muggy day (unusual for this part of the world):

"Lap" times:

Start End Elapsed
CUE Diary Rd 10:45
Dairy Rd Airport Rd 6:55
Airport Rd Dairy Rd 6:25
Dairy Rd CUE 10:17

Not too bad, considering the third "lap" is uphill, but about 30 seconds slower than my personal best on May 28th. Today's pace is about 14'17" per mile.

Still, I've recovered about the same level as before my shoulder injury in June.  I have only a little residual soreness in my shoulder (and related soreness in my neck and back).  So this is encouraging.

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