Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Two Dairy Days

I walked to Dairy Rd. yesterday and today -- there's too much going on at work and I'm too tired to take on more.  Today's round-trip time was 21'37", a little faster I think than yesterday, but I didn't keep time.  I focused on pushing with the thighs again on these walks.  I believe it yields better times, but it's more work.

My esitmate of the Diary Rd distance is 0.7 miles (per Google Maps).  Assume that has an error term of plus-or-minus .05 miles.  Then the round trip is 1.4 plus-or-minus .1 miles.  Today's time computes to a 16.6-minute or a 14.4-minute mile, depending on which way the error lies.

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