Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Resurgence & Motivation

I can't believe how long it's actually been since I've posted here! Ay, well, we move on.

I was still working out at least twice a week for a while there, but pretty much after my San Francisco trip (mid-April, which involved many lovely miles of walking after a night of vigorous dancing) I got wrapped up in the whirlwind of the end-of-the-semester at school and the beginning of my busiest season at work. Other than walking to classes (until Mid-May) and walking during events or whatnot there wasn't a lot of exercising going on for the beginning of Summer.

Eventually I started getting antsy to get back to it, and somehow became obsessed with the idea of being able to run. I've never been in "running shape" and until recently didn't have the patience to work up to it slowly enough to not hurt my knees, hips, or ankles. Last week I went on a "jog," which involved a few minutes of walking, then alternating 1 min walking with 1 min jogging. It was pretty great. I had a couple days long camping trip this weekend so I didn't run, but I did spend a couple hours each day swimming. I took yesterday and Monday off due to a scrape on my food from the camping trip that I didn't take care of well enough at first. It's better today so the plan is 12 repetitions of 1 min walking / 1 min jogging. I'll keep updating here as I progress! Maybe even include links to my routes if I figure out how. I'm using MapMyRun to track my distance/time/routes. I have a rough plan for getting in shape to run a 10k on September 15th, so we'll see how it goes!

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  1. Welcome back! 10k by 9/15 sounds like a heckuva plan. Speaking of plans, try Googling "10k training plans" for a wide selection of build-up programs to get you in shape in time.