Friday, July 5, 2013

Not So Light Day

... but not super-heavy, either.

I did the Dairy Rd. walk at lunchtime, outbound in 10:46, inbound 10:40, total 21:26. I believe that's a "personal best" by about 4 seconds.  It's approximately 15.03 minutes per mile.

I got the improvement over Wednesday's times primarily by upping the pace to about the maximum I can do at this time without real straining (except for the first and last minute-and-a-half, which I walked as a "purposeful" but not quickstep pace as a warmup and cool-down).  I also tried to focus on mechanics, especially focusing on the "push" part of the step (thighs) rather than the "pull" part of the step (calves).  This is in preparation for a changed biomechanics with the hip-swivel, which I'm not ready to try seriously yet, given my recent sore hips.

This rate of walking introduced just a little aerobic stress (beginnings of exercise asthma) to the walkout, so I think that's about the right level for the time being.  I am still on the return-to-practice path after the layoff caused by injury.

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